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For the equivalent of one Starbucks coffee a week, you can make a HUGE impact on the life of an isolated, home-bound senior. A membership in our new Adopt a Senior Giving Club will provide free transportation and a weekly friendly visit to a shut-in senior or person with a disability for an entire year!  Often, as a person ages, they become more and more withdrawn and feel as if the world has forgotten them. You can help us prove them wrong! 

Did you know that as many as one in five older adults experience mental health concerns that are not a normal part of aging – the most common of which are anxiety or mood disorders including depression? or that older adults have the highest suicide rate in the country? Furthermore, researchers estimate that up to 63 percent of older adults with a mental disorder do not receive the services they need. The good news is that helping solve basic problems, like transportation and lack of companionship, can lower stress, improve community connections, and improve outlook and mood.

When you join the Adopt a Senior Giving Club, you are committing to either a one-time gift of $250 or twelve, monthly gifts of $25. This funding is used to support the Caring Connections Program and will provide a year’s worth of services to the senior you are adopting. 

Designed to help older adults and people with disabilities who are experiencing problematic mental and emotional states, personality and physical changes, poor health, social isolation, substance abuse, physical abuse or neglect, and suicidal risk factors, the Caring Connections Program is a community-based, collaborative program that identifies older adults who may need mental health and emotional support and/or connection to community services, but are not seeking services on their own behalf and provides a service-based intervention consisting of in-home companionship visits, auxiliary program and service referrals, transportation for both wellness and quality of life excursions, and in-home mental health support.

In addition to the positive impact you will have on your senior’s life, you will also receive the first name of your senior, their story and photo as well as semi-annual updates on how they are doing. We will send your senior a birthday card and holiday cards on your behalf. If you desire a higher level of interaction with your senior, contact us to discuss options for involvement.

Adopt A Senior

One Time $250 Donation

$25 per month for one year